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Aion: Spread your wings and fly

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In Aion, players take the role of a Daeva, an immortal being. With wings and devastating powers, players try to save the remains of their world Atreia. They can choose between two factions, the Asmodians and the Elyos and up to six different classes (Warriors, Scouts, Mages, Priests, Muses, Technists and their following specialisation). The game revolves around the conflicts between those two factions as well as a third faction, which is an ancient evil that threatens both factions.

Aion has a breathtaking and gorgeous environment and a unique fantasy world. There are a lot of challenging group- and solo dungeons, as well as PvP areas where players can claim fortresses for their faction. Especially the mix of standard and aerial combat makes Aion unique. Thus, players have to be very careful as they can be attacked from every direction.

Aion comes with a free business model. Everything is accessible without using one’s money. But players can buy a lot of things in the ingame shop to make their lives easier. Every expansion is available for free and brings new improvements and content to the game. Hence players have always something to do.

Since its release, it got already five expansions. The last one came out on July 13, 2016, which shows that the game is still ongoing.

Game information:

  • Status: Released (2008)
  • Genre: MMORPG
  • Developer: NCSOFT
  • Publisher: NCSOFT
  • Platforms: PC

  • Aerial combat
  • A lot of content that is continuously updated
  • Large PvPvE battles

  • Poor game optimisation
  • Rather inactive community
  • Obtrusive UI


Do you want to spread your wings too? Do you want to explore this vast world called Atreia and fight for the greater good?

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