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Avabel Online is a 3D action MMORPG for Smartphones. The players can explore with thousands of others the semi-open world.

After over 4 Years, the game is still very active. Even in the first areas, there are players to be found. Players can team up to battle together against the enemies or go out to solo all those monsters. Apart from a semi-open world, the game has also a lot of dungeons to offer that the players can clear to find some decent loot.

The graphical aspect of the game is quite decent. Even though it is a mobile game, it has a beautiful graphic to offer without making it laggy while playing. Everything is animated in the game and there are even some nice emotions like dancing, a victory pose and apologising. There are even a wide variety of different outfits that a player can wear to make him unique.

For players that like to play with others, there are also guilds and parties in the game. Players can work hard together to defeat mighty monsters. Every day they get some helpful notifications and some nice bonuses.

At the start, a player can choose between the eight classes: Warrior, Rogue, Ranger, Creator, Magician, Acolyte, Wanderer and Revenger. Every class has its own playstyle. At level 50, the player can choose an advanced class. Every basic class has eight different advanced classes. With this, the game has to offer a total of 72 different classes. With this amount, there should be a fitting class for everyone. With different actions and after fights, the player gets job experience. With those, he can buy skills for his character. If he is persistent enough, he could buy every single skill. But the price for the next level gets more and more expensive which makes this a really big challenge.

Game information:

  • Status: Release (2013)
  • Genre: Action MMORPG
  • Developer: Asobimo Inc.
  • Publisher: Asobimo Inc.
  • Platforms: Android, iOS

  • Great graphics
  • Persistent world
  • Fast-paced action combat

  • No story in spite of being an RPG
  • Grind based
  • Outdated interface


Which class would you like to play? Can you defeat the mightiest monsters the world has to offer?

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