Blizzard adds a special event to their Gamescom lineup

Blizzard announced their Reveal Ceremony for Wednesday

A while ago, Blizzard already talked about their plans for the Gamescom.

They will provide the possibility to test out their big titles like Overwatch, World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm and so on. But you will also find there the newly released StarCraft: Remastered. Apart from the games, we can see some live streams of known Streamers, a Cosplay contest, and two shows with Video Games Live. The German dubbing actors of Overwatch will be there. And even for eSports fans will be something nice there with the final of the Hearthstone Global Games and some live matches of the known StarCraft players White-Ra, iNcontroL and TLO.

Now, they added another event to their lineup. On Wednesday, they want to do a ‘Reveal Ceremony’. During that ceremony, the staff of every development team will be present. The event takes place on August 23 around 18 o’clock. It is already known that Blizzard will show a new animated Film from the Overwatch universe and give some news about the upcoming patch 7.4 for World of Warcraft. Apart from that everything else is pure speculations. But it is anticipated that Blizzard will reveal their next expansion for World of Warcraft.

Later today, they want to release a preview video for Gamescom. With this, they want to reveal more about what you can expect from this year’s Gamescom.

Apart from Hall 7, you can also find the shop booth of Blizzard in Hall 5. There you can get everything your heart desires. You can find there some Gamescom exclusive items too.

You can watch the live stream today on Youtube. Here, you can find more details about the lineup of Blizzard.

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