Blizzard is working on an MMO RTS mobile game

What can we expect this time from Blizzard?

It is no secret that Blizzard is working on a lot of different projects that aren’t known to us for now. There were many hints like job advertisements and the fact that even Mike Morhaime talked about it. There are a lot of teams that are working on current IPs, but even more teams that create new ones.

As it seems, there is one project beneave them that seems to be a mobile game. It will be an MMO RTS game. This emerges from the job advertisement they did this time. They are looking for someone who likes to work in the mobile section and is enthusiastic about solving problems there.

But this is all we know about the game. It is unknown which universe they want to use. We could see a mobile game in the Warcraft franchise or even in the StarCraft one. Maybe, we get even a completely new one this time.

And it doesn’t seem to be the only job offer right now. They also search for a Lead Artist and an Environment Artist for an unannounced project each.

What do you think about it? Which franchise would you like to see in a mobile game or do you even want to see one at all?

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