Blizzard released the next animated short to one of their heroes in Overwatch

Mei gets her special moments in an animated short

Blizzard released already a lot of animated shorts and it doesn’t end there. They showed a hearthstone short on the Gamescom and now we can go back to Overwatch to see another one.

This time it is all about Mei. Together with her Snowball, she lives in a climate research facility with other people. They decide to go into hibernation for a while but due to some unforeseen circumstances, they sleep for a whopping nine years. When Mei awakes, she is the only one that survived the long hibernation and tries to get the date out to the world.

During the video, we can take a look at the facility. We can see how Mei builds her endothermal blaster with which she likes to freeze her enemies. She receives a signal from outside and decides to make her way out to bring all the data to humanity.

It is really worth to watch this little animated short. Especially, if you are a fan of Overwatch and Mei.

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