With Lifeless Moon, a new game arrived on Kickstarter

Lifeless Moon

From the creators of Lifeless Planet comes the new game Lifeless Moon Three years ago, Stage 2 created the game “Lifeless Planet”. The game tells the story of a failed mission. Humankind wanted to set out for a new planet but things didn’t proceed like they expected. Now, Stage 2 wants to tell a bit about other events that happened before this game. In “Lifeless Moon”, they look at a mission that took place beforehand. There, two astronauts travelled to the moon, but for some reason, they ended up in a city they knew from earth. The developers want to fund the game with a Kickstarter campaign. They want to raise $17.000 in Order to make this project come true. And so far, it seems to…

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Halo Componist Marty O’Donnell creates the musical prequel to Golem

Golem Highwire Games

Echoes of the First Dreamer is the newest album of Marty O’Donnell for Golem On July 28th, Sumthing Else Music Works will release the new album from Marty O’Donnell. This album is called Echoes of the First Dreamer. It is the musical prequel to the PlayStation VR game Golem which is currently in development. Starting today, it is already possible to use the streaming service as well as download the songs. You can find them on the website of Sumthing Else Music Works. O’Donnell wrote the music for piano and orchestra likewise. The music reflects the world of Golem and describes what happens there before the actual game. He describes his decision of making the music the way it is with the following words: “For a composer, a…

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