Cloud-based gaming capabilities are shown with the title ‘They Came From Space’

They Came From Space is an intensive proof-of-concept showcase

If you never heard about Cloudgine before, they are working with Microsoft on Crackdown 3 and with Oculus on their Toybox. They handle the cloud-based physics of those games primarily. And now, they came along with their own project ‘They Came From Space’ to show off the capabilities of the cloud-based technology.

In They Came From Space, you play either as an Overseer in the VR version or as a Pilot in the PC version. Cloudgine enabled cross-platform play to bring those two groups together and create a great opportunity for Streamers. The game has a 50’s B-Movie Alien Invasion feeling to it and showcase this in its graphics and gameplay.

Your goal is to harvest energy. It exists in every object, and while destroying the whole planet, you will be able to gather it in your spaceship. But be aware as you are not alone. There are others like you who want to harvest the energy too. And neither of you two wants to share this delicious energy. So, use your energy and weapons to chase off those pesky rivals.

The game will be available on PC, Oculus and Vive and has the following features:

  • Up to 10-player online team battles pitting players against each other in a race to destroy cities, collect energy for the Mothership’s ultimate weapon and obliterate the enemy’s protective dome;
  • Fully destructible and dynamic environments using cloud-powered physics;
  • Robust streaming director cameras for VR-players that gives Twitch streamers direct control of a personal camera from within the game.

CEO of Cloudgine Maurizio Sciglio said about this project:

“Game development has been long awaiting a drastic change-up – a new technology that can truly expand possibilities and allow developers to super-charge their projects with unprecedented levels of compute power. We created They Came From Space to give developers a clear, fun idea of how powerful Cloudgine’s cloud-based physics, rendered at 90fps, really is. And believe us when we say that this is just an introduction into what Cloudgine is capable of – there’s so much room for continued innovation with our platform and there is so much more coming beyond physics that it’s, frankly, hard to imagine how far talented developers will push it.”

President of Cloudgine Dave Jones continued:

“Our team doesn’t only focus on the brilliance of cloud-based technologies – we also pride ourselves in our ability to develop groundbreaking in-game features and concepts. They Came from Space is not only an amalgamation of what’s possible with Cloudgine, it also shows how VR can smoothly integrate with other platforms. And if you’re fond of streaming your gameplay, I think you’ll find our cloud-rendered video streaming to be particularly useful.”

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