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Retrospection on Gamescom 2017

This was the Gamescom 2017

The Gamescom 2017 is already in the past but it is still a great occasion to talk about. Many Game Developers and Hardware providers were present at this year’s Gamescom. We could enjoy quite a few things and want to tell you a bit about it.

The first day was as always only for trade visitors and journalists. They could take a look before everyone else was able to enjoy this vast selection the days after. This year, around 350,000 visitors attended the event. This was a new record and t was only of many they put up this year.

Angela Merkel opens the Gamescom

Gamescom Opening Angela Merkel

The opening of the Gamescom this year is something special. The Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel personally opened up the event. Afterwards, she took a tour through the halls and looked at the current state of the gaming industry. Every now and then, she talked with the developers and PR people and got a picture for herself of the state. Through this, she combined the gaming industry with her current politics. But it is still unknown, if and how she will support the gaming industry in the coming years.

Streaming platforms and communication providers

Gamescom Streaming Twitch


Streaming and communication is a hot topic and grows more and more in popularity. So it isn’t a surprise that those providers were also there. On the one site, there was Discord and Teamspeak for the communication part of the gaming sector. On the other hand, there was Twitch and Youtube which provided the players with the possibility to stream their games and share it with everyone

Nintendo presented Super Mario Odyssey

Gamescom Super Mario Odyssey

Last year, only a few selected people were allowed to enjoy their title “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild”. But this year, they changed their course of action and allowed a lot more people to test out a demo of their game. They provided a few Nintendo Switches where players could play Super Mario Odyssey for a few minutes until they have to move on to other projects. During this demo, they could inspect two of the kingdoms that are available later.

Highlights of the Gamescom 2017

There were many great games on this year’s Gamescom. This includes titles like Assassin’s Creed Origins, Far Cry 5, Call of Duty: WWII, and Destiny 2. But apart from the more obvious titles, there were also some great other titles.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Gamescom Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

The game is the newest sequel to the Uncharted series. We had the opportunity to take a look at the game with its realistic graphics. The game sends us through the jungle accompanied by two characters. But many fans of the series think that “The Lost Legacy” is only a spin-off as it revolves around side characters instead of the main characters.

Monster Hunter World

Gamescom Monster Hunter World

Slip into the role of a hunter in Monster Hunter World. There you go on the hunt with tracker beetles. They can pin down the location of special monsters that you have to kill afterwards.

Square Enix shows off its Final Fantasy and Life is Strange

Gamescom Square Enix

Square Enix is known for its Final Fantasy series for ages already. So, it is not a surprise that we could enjoy more of it this time around. With Final Fantasy XV being the most recent game, they showed some new parts of the game like the Monster of the Deep, the online mode and some other things. Players could test it out a lot in different areas and even the MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV was present with new raids and exciting battles.

Apart from Final Fantasy, there was also a collection of different games from the Square Enix Collective. Those titles include also Life is Strange with its newest sequel “Before the Storm”. As always, every action you take in the game will influence the story sooner or later. Some will have direct influence while other actions will change the story at a later point. You have to be careful what course of action you take.

Detroit: Become Human

Gamescom Detroit

But Life is Strange isn’t the only game, where you have to carefully consider your actions. The PlayStation 4 title Detroit: Become Human is another one of them. In this game, you play as an Android that has human-like emotions. But for now, we don’t know why this is the case. In the demo, we were able to play as an android that had to stop the hostage-taking of the opponent. We had to collect information and negotiate with him.

Much more where this is coming from

Gamescom Indie Arena Booth

But this is by far only a small portion of the games that will come. Especially between the indy games, there are some great jewels between. We have to wait and see what will come around of all those projects presented at the Gamescom.

Conclusion of the Gamescom 2017

At the end, the Gamescom 2017 was a successful event. There was a huge amount of titles with a wide variety of genres that offered something for every player. It was a great opportunity to test out all the new titles and meet up with a lot of different people to talk and to discuss about games and forge new business opportunities and friendships likewise.

We are already curious about the Gamescom 2018 and look forward to another great event and opportunity to learn more about the course of the industry and the people that represent this sector.

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