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The FaRK 2017

The Fantasy and Role-playing Convention 2017 in Landsweiler-Reden

A while ago, many visitors could enjoy the FaRK, also known as fantasy- and Role-play convention, in Landsweiler-Reden. The weather was perfect with a blue sky, sunshine and temperatures around 30°C. From 25th until 27th August, over 42,000 visitors enjoyed the FaRK.

Every two years, many visitors can marvel at this great occasion. It was already the fourth time this year and every year more and more people join this occasion. Those visitors consist of all the different people and everyone enjoys a convention filled with strange encounters, a peaceful party, tolerance and a lot of help between people. The latter is mostly visible due to the high amount of donations. This year, Fit4Charity e.V. managed to collect 55,000€ for children in need. The donation is a different kind of entrance fee. People can pay something but they don’t have. Everyone could enjoy the FaRK completely for free, but who wouldn’t help others in need?

The event was mostly positive. Only a few things were rather not that great and we hope that the organizers work on them. Those include that some booths were a bit more remote and less visible to the visitors. A plan or information was missing which showed where visitors can find the different booths. Also, some events went by without being noticed by the visitors. They announced the unicorned unicorns, but as far as I could see there were none at all. The PDF with all the locations and events was a bit confusing and hard to read on a mobile device. Other critic points would be the insufficient number of toilettes and parking areas. Later ones are responsible for rumours to spread about a change of location. But that was already corrected and we will be able to enjoy the next FaRK in 2019 in Landsweiler again.

Apart from those points, it was a great event. There was so much to discover that one hardly known where he should have started. Everywhere were dressed up guests that showed their fantastic sides as Steam Punkers, End Timers, Fantasy creatures and much more. Here and there were merchants where you could get a lot of things ranging from books, souvenirs, alcohol up to new things for the next outfit. The whole area was divided into different camps like Steampunk Hall, Survival Road, End Times camp, and the Medieval camp. In the middle of them all, there was the stage where various groups provided entertainment like “Die Habenichts”, “Die Notnägel”, the “Blessed Hellride” and “Letzte Instanz”. They played along the weekend between many other attractions like the Zombie Walk and different dance shows.

In the end, it is hard to describe the FaRK solely with words. There are so many expressions that you have to be there yourself to experience this feeling and greatness of the event. The next opportunity for this will be in 2019. We look forward to another great event with many dressed up guests from Germany, France, Luxembourg and Belgium. But who knows, what we are going to see this time around. The organizers are already up to plan the next one.

Here, you can find all information about the event.

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