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Tipps for the gamescom

We all know how long and exhausting a visit at a convention can be. But we put some simple ideas together to make your life hopefully a bit more relaxed at the upcoming convention. For some general information, you can read here more about the upcoming gamescom.

1) Wear comfortable shoes

You will walk around the gamescom a lot, and there will be a lot of people around you. Having comfortable and preferable sturdy shoes will reduce the burden on your feets. If you are wearing a cosplay, you should wear the shoes fitting to your cosplay. But you want to consider not leaving them brand new until the last minute.

2) Drink in a regular pattern, preferably water

This keeps you from dehydrating and getting headaches.

3) Take a spare shirt with you

It is hot in those halls, and you are up all day. Sweating is a natural cause and having a spare shirt feels great from time to time.

4) Take a comfortable backpack with you

You can put away all the goodies that you get during your stay at the convention. It also helps in storing some water and something to eat. The prices for both are rather high at the convention. And you can put in there everything else you might need to make your stay comfortable and relaxing.

The only downside, there is a high chance that they will have a security check at the gamescom. So, everyone with a bag will probably have to go through which will cause a bit of a delay.

5) Take a camping chair with you

Sometimes, the waiting time can be very long, and if you don’t want to side on the floor, the camping chair is a great alternative. They are easy to carry around and is a great way to get some rest in between. Here, you can find some that aren’t that expensive.

6) Take your handheld with you

Take your handhelds, like Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Switch, PSP, PS Vita and all Gameboys, with you. Fitting games would be multiplayer ones like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. You might find a worthy opponent during your waiting session. Don’t forget to recharge before you go to the convention.

7) Cameras and Power Banks

Going around the convention, you will most likely find a lot of motives that you want to capture. It is wise to take your camera or handy with you to take them right away. But don’t forget to make sure that you have still enough space and that it is charged. Additionally, you want to take one of those neat power banks with you to charge it on the go.

8) Gamescom-App will help you

The chances are that you have your smartphone with you. So, why not giving it a real purpose concerning the convention. With this, you can make a plan where you can find the developers you are interested are. Find out which order is the most beneficial for you. You can save a lot of time with not running back and forth all the time.

9) Use social media channels

Developers sometimes have those great “Fast passes”. The chances are high that you will find out more about them when you follow their channels on Facebook or Twitter. With those tickets, you can drastically reduce the time you have to wait. Often, they are part of giveaway actions before the actual convention.

10) You don’t like the long queues in front of those big titles, do you?

Maybe take a look at the Indie Arena. There are a lot of indie developers, and queues are in general way shorter. Also, you can test a lot more in a shorter time frame. This year they will probably be again in Hall 10.1. You can read here more about the Indie Arena.

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