Crossout: Create your ultimate war-rig and battle against others

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Crossout is an action MMO with the focus on vehicular combat. Players engage in a post-apocalyptic world where they can draft new vehicles, ride them and destroy everything that is in their way.

The game offers all kinds of different modes. At the beginning, the players can build and customise their war-rig. Later into the game, it can be even further customised. Afterwards, they go into battles with their rigs. Those can be PvE- or PvP-battles. In the PvE section, they will be pit against all kinds of enemies in thought missions and against Leviathans which are boss-like vehicles. As rewards, the player gets experience, money as well as necessary materials.

The PvP section mainly consists of hot-blooded death matches and destructive base captures. Players can show off their vehicles and skills to take down other players. Only those, that have the best strategy and best vehicles, will prevail over their enemies.

There are four different factions. Those are the Engineers, Lunatics, Nomads and Scavengers. Every player starts out as an Engineer and can change at level 10 to one of the other factions. Every faction offers their own benefits which include special blueprints and equipment. As an Engineer, the player mostly builds new modifications from old vehicle parts, while Scavengers are more focused on heavy defence. Those parts and modifications can be crafted on the player’s workbench. Every work takes some time, but it can be rushed through the premium currency.

Crossout offers a special feature called exhibition. Players can upload their cars and Leviathans and other players can view, like and download them. This feature also includes the possibility to test-drive those vehicles.

Game information:

  • Status: Open Beta (2017)
  • Genre: Vehicular MMO Shooter
  • Developer: Gaijin Entertainment
  • Publisher: Gaijin Entertainment
  • Platforms: PC

  • Tons of customizations for the cars
  • Unique gameplay and theme
  • Encourages teamwork to survive

  • High repair costs
  • Control delay
  • Limited information available


Can you create the ultimate war machine? Will you be the hunter or the hunted?

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