EA presented the dreamy action-adventure Fe

A new great adventure awaits us with Fe

At the Gamescom, EA gave an insight into their next out of the ordinary game project Fe. Under the label of EA Originals, Indie developers can create games for EA. One of them is Zoink Games who work on two projects as of now.

One of their projects is Flipping Death, the other one is Fe. While Flipping Death is a humorous game that takes a different look at death, Fe is an action-adventure that embraces the mysteries of the forest and the thin connections between every living being. In Fe, you go on a journey through a Nordic forest. As a fantastical, cute creature, you have to save the forest from the silent ones and befriend every creature and plant to move forward and solve puzzles.

Zoink Games tries to provide us with as much freedom as possible. You can explore freely the whole forest. You can climb trees, fly through the air, ride friendly creatures and dug your way through the world. Explore a marvellous forest filled with secrets, sidequests and a breath-taking scenery.

On Zoink Games’ official site, Fe is described as:

At its heart, Fe is a personal narrative about our relationship with nature, the land, and its beings. It’s a wordless celebration of our longing to be one with the world around us. It’s a story that reminds us that everything in this world is connected, living in a delicate balance that is constantly under threat. It’s a game full of discovery, conflict, and relationships.

EA will release the game at the beginning of next year. We will be able to play it on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Here, you can find the game’s official website.

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