EA wants to change their point of view on games

“Players first!” is the new motto of EA when it comes to games

This is a surprising turn of events. Electronic Arts seems to neglect its profit in order to satisfy their players.

In an Interview with MCV UK, she said:

“There is an obligation that we have to players to keep content fresh and keep the services well rounded. We really feel like we earn our players’ time over the period of their game playing cycles. We look at our Net Promoter Score (NPS) monthly for all our games and I would say that has changed our perspective on the success metric. The relationship [between players and EA’s games], their happiness, their NPS score, are our number one primary success metrics for the company now. It’s no longer revenue. That has evolved how people feel about our games and, ultimately, how they feel about EA.

I really see it as a golden era of gaming right now, where players are at the centre of our business strategies, our game design and our execution. Internally at EA, we now measure player sentiment and player engagement over dollars or unit sales. We really have taken a really significant shift. We had players at our studio helping us to create [Battlefield 1’s new competitive gaming mode] and that’s why I think it’s a golden era for players because they have such a strong voice in what we are creating.

We see our connection to our players as a solid consistent thread that we never want to break. So from the moment we start telling them about a game to the moment the game comes to the market, and then has been out there for five or six years, we want to keep that thread as constant as possible, through our marketing, through our business strategy, to the game content itself.

We’re taking our engagement and services to a new place which I’m incredibly excited about. We have all that ahead of us and EA has an incredibly long runway still in live services. We’ve enjoyed great success in where we are, but we have so much more we’re going to accomplish. We’re just beginning our journey.”

One of the main reasons for this change of view is the new leadership of Andrew Wilson. Together with some changes in their way of presenting, releasing and maintaining games, they want to move forward into a brighter future where players have a good impression of EA.

If this is all true or just a good marketing strategy, we will find out in the future. But they did a good start with Battlefield 1, and we can only look forward to see this change continue hopefully.

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