Final Fantasy XV: Closed beta announced for multiplayer mode

In a few days, you can go on a new adventure in Final Fantasy XV

At the start of next month, players can participate in the closed beta of Final Fantasy’s multiplayer DLC. It is called Final Fantasy XV: Comrades.  It will start on August 3rd and goes until August 8th.

During that time, players can create their own character, customise them as they like and join up with up to three players. Together, they can solve group quests, earn experience points and rewards and develop their character further. In the outpost, it is possible to customise the character even more.

Where all this is happening, is still unknown. It can be in the actual open world of the game or an entirely new area. What we already know, is that the main characters will be unlocked at a later stage with an additional update. Players can fight with a wide range of different weapons with each having new moves.

To take part in the upcoming closed beta, you need to have the following things:

  • A valid Season Pass of Final Fantasy XV
  • An active PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold subscription

The closed beta will only provide a part of the actual DLC. For now, we don’t know when we can actually enjoy the full version of this DLC. But do not worry, until then there will a lot more to do with the upcoming DLC Ignis’ Episode and the VR part of the game “Monster of the Deep”.

For more information, see the official website.


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