Final Fantasy XV: Comrades offers a second beta test

An update of Final Fantasy XV: Comrades leads to a second test

Currently, players can test out Final Fantasy XV: Comrades for free until August 8th. It is the multiplayer DLC of Final Fantasy XV which offers you the possibility to go on an adventure together. You can explore the world, take on missions or just play around.

To participate in the beta test, players have to have a seasons pass and an active PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold subscription. The same goes for the second test that was announced in a Tweet recently. It will happen from August 11th until August 13th. There you can test out the improved matchmaking. After some problems in the first beta, they hope that it works better now.

For now, if you want to join a specific game you have to hope to be on the right server. It is only possible if both players are on either Niflheim or Lucis. The problem is that players can’t choose the server but have to be lucky to hit the right one during the login. With the update, Square Enix promised that it will be better and easier to get together in the game.

We still don’t know when the DLC will be available for everyone. But as soon as we know more, we will tell you. One thing is for sure. This will be a paid DLC this time.

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