Final Fantasy XV lures with a special Assassin’s Creed event

A new event in Final Fantasy XV invites well-known Assassins into the game

Recently, there are a lot of events going on in Final Fantasy XV. Now, you can even enjoy an Assassin’s Creed event. In a corporation between Ubisoft and Square Enix, they created the event “Final Fantasy XV: Assassin’s Festival”.

The event goes on until January 31, 2018. In this time, you can dress up as one of the assassins and enjoy a great festival in Lestallum. It is in recognition of a mysterious hero of the revolution.

Together with the event, you will have also the abilities from Assassin’s Creed. This includes the acrobatic movements and fast movements through the air. You will be able to search for treasures. On the hunt, you can acquire customs for your heroes and even the custom of a master assassin if you can get your hands on the “Dream Egg”. But there aren’t only customizations for your heroes but also for your Regalia. Get some special items and decorations for your car.

Furthermore, there is some additional content for you to explore:

  • „Noodle Helmet Outfit“ – this mysterious and famous outfit strengthen the energy of Noctis and his friends
  • Additional, temporary quests
  • Exhibition of the winner of the third photo contest at Galdin Quay
  • Bestiaria – a gallery where you can see all defeated enemies
  • Chapter selection – You can select specific chapter and replay them whenever you want

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