Fire Emblem Warriors: Information to characters revealed

The twins Shion and Lian will be protagonists of Fire Emblem Warriors


Currently, Omega Force and Koei Tecmo are working on Fire Emblem Warriors. They are doing one of their famed Musou games with this. In the Famitsu, more news about the game was revealed. The developers created some new protagonists known as the twins Shion and Lian, Darios and Yuana for this game. Apart from them, there will be many well-known characters of the series. Mostly, they are from Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light, Fire Emblem Awakening and Fire Emblem Fates. Examples of those characters are Marth and Chrom. Overall, there will be more than 14 playable characters. The developers already announced that there will be more playable characters than any first iteration of a Musou game.

The script of the game will be huge and fully voiced. There will be “Bond Conversations” between the characters. But none of them will lead to love or marriage. They will only become friends and in that sense won’t interfere with the original games. Known voice actors for the characters are Yuma Uchida for Shion, Maaya Uchida for Lian, Hikaru Midorikawa for Marth, Tomokazu Sugita for Chrom, Takuya Satou for Darios and Yuka Nagayoshi for Yuana.

For now, Koei Tecmo can’t share many details about the world of the game. The only thing is the “Shield of Fire” that appeared from beyond space and time. There will be the weapon triangle, high strategy elements and the classes that are well-known from the series. The player can switch his characters during playtime. It allows controlling a variety of weapons and classes.

The development seems to go on smoothly. It already reached 70 percent. So we can look forward to this fall as Koei Tecmo wants to release it for Switch and New 3DS around this time.

Fire Emblem Warriors Shion Lian
Fire Emblem Warriors Marth Chrom

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