First information about Ataribox available

Atari revealed price, operation system and other details about their Ataribox

A while ago, Atari announced that they are working on a new console. It is called Ataribox and was first announced in June. Since then, every fan was wondering if the Ataribox will only support the old games of the Atari 2600. Or maybe, it can even compete with the newer consoles?

Now, Atari started to talk more about it. They want to tackle primarily classic games. A bunch of them will be pre-installed, but as of now, we don’t know which games you can expect. This will be announced later by Atari. But it doesn’t stop there. Atari wants to add games of other platforms too. So be prepared to get a great mix of different games with the Ataribox.

Additionally, they talked about the technical part of the console. It will have an AMD processor and a Radeon GPU. As for the operation system, they are using a specifically altered Linux version. You will be able to not only use it as a gaming console but also as an entertainment system. It includes services like streaming, surfing the internet and listening to music. Furthermore, you have a selection of different apps to stay in contact with all Social Media channels.

The first consoles will be available at the start of 2018. They will be a bit pricey with 249 to 299 Dollars, depending on the setting. But until then, they have to go through a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to get enough funds to finalize the project.

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