Focus Home Interactive reveals more gameplay of Vampyr at the Gamescom

Vampyr makes a pretty solid impression

Vampyr is a dark and interesting RPG where you play doctor Jonathan Reid. He lives in London in 1918 and became a newly vampire not too long ago. It is up to him and you to bite and kill your way through the game or take a more peaceful road by healing people.

Focus Home Interactive showed some more gameplay on the Gamescom. Part of it, they already showed during the E3 and since then they polished it even further. Only the combat animations seem to lack a bit of polishing and feel a bit clumsy sometimes. Apart from that, they delivered again a great impression with their game. There were a few screens available with a great surrounding and light effects.

To progress the character in the game, you either have to kill someone to gain experience points or you can treat them. Each death has a big influence on the game and leads it into a specific direction. Mostly, it will have a negative influence. Due to the Spanish Flu, Reid has more than enough to do as a doctor to progress in that direction. Either way will reward you with skill points which you can spend in the skill trees: Tactical, Aggressive, Defensive and Profession. Those unlock more possibilities to interact with the environment.

The game will be released on November 30, 2017, for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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