Future plans for Final Fantasy XV revealed on E3

The Future of the Final Fantasy XV universe

Last year, the story around Noctis and his friends started. They had their appearance with Final Fantasy XV. Everyone went crazy over the game and got themselves a copy of it. But apart from the game, there was also a CGI movie called Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV and even an Anime called Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV. Everything was well received by the community and so, Square Enix wants to continue this fan service.

At the recent E3, they announced a couple more projects, they want to get done.

Final Fantasy XV

Square Enix wants to improve the game to support better Hardware. They want to include PlayStation 4 Pro as well as the newly presented Xbox One X.

Final Fantasy gets a new DLC on June 27th. It is called Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto. With this, players can explore a new part of the game as the character Prompto.

Of course, it doesn’t end there. Square Enix plans to release even more DLCs which also includes the DLC Episode Ignis as well as the multiplayer expansion: “Companions”.

There will be a lot more free updates for the game which also includes the update “Regalia Typ-D” on June 27th. With this update, players can drive their Regalia even off-road. With this, players will get more freedom while playing.

New projects

Monster of the Deep will be the new fishing action game for PlayStation VR. You can join Noctis and his friends on a nice camping trip with lots of fishing included. It will be available in September 2017.

King’s Knight – Wrath of the Dark Dragon will be a new action RPG for Smartphones. It has a completely new story and world. The game supports multiplayer with up to four players. The app will be available this year.

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