Gameplay available of Final Fantasy XV: Comrades

Final Fantasy XV: Comrades offers a new side to the game

Square Enix announced the beta already a while ago and yesterday, it finally started for the first Multiplayer part of Final Fantasy XV. They opened up the possibility to test out the expansion on PS4 and Xbox One.

With the expansion Comrades, you are able to create your own avatar and team up with three other players to go on some unique adventures. But you are only allowed to do so if you meet specific requirements. Because this is only a beta, your possibilities in the expansion are rather limited. There are only a few customizations, you can’t level up and only a handful of weapons are at your disposal right now. The beta allows to explore the first few areas and to complete a handful of quests.

If you love Chocobos too, you can wear a full-body custom.

And there is a full-body Malboro tattoo available too.

Regarding an official release of the expansion, we are still waiting for an announcement. For now, we only know that the beta will officially end on August 8, but there is still the possibility to extend this duration. Square Enix hopes that it will run smoothly but they already asked players to not forget that this is still a test and problems might arise.

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