Ashes of Creation


Game information:

  • Status: Alpha (Release: TBA)
  • Genre: Sandbox MMORPG
  • Developer: Intrepid Studios
  • Publisher: Intrepid Studios
  • Platforms: PC


Ashes of Creation is fantasy MMORPG that is in development right now by Intrepid Studios. The game will feature new mechanics and a completely dynamic world to be explored and changed by the players.

The most important feature of the game is the dynamic creation of Cities at so-called Nodes. Those Nodes have an area of influence where players can interact with the world, and every point of experience that a player collects will also be shared with this Node. After this Node levels up, NPCs will create either a camp, a village, a city or a metropolis, depending on the level of the Node. The more this Node grows, the more will be unlocked in this specific area like monsters, dungeons or even a world boss. But at a given time, only a limited amount of those Nodes can develop into cities. So it is an ever changing world, as cities can be destroyed to make room for new cities and new content to be unlocked.

The housing system has its own appealing as players can decide to buy a house in one of the city or build a house somewhere in the wild lands. He can work the land to cultivate and harvest resources and supplies. It is his decision how to develop his plot of land. He can focus on farming, animal husbandry or build his own smithy. Everything depends on his preferences.

The questing and battle part in Ashes of Creation is closely connected to the choices of the players. Depending on the area, that they develop, different quests will be available which also depends on the state of the area. Quests given in a camp are not necessarily available when it evolves into a town or metropolis. And stay open, when the town is gone due to some circumstances like a raid on a city to open up space for a new one. The same goes for PVP which is closely related to guilds, the few castles that are available as well as the cities that some might want to take down to build another one somewhere else.

As the inventory is limited, the game offers a caravan system. This will transport goods from one place to another with NPCs as guardians. Players nearby get the choice of defending or attacking it. If they decide for one side, they can’t do the other thing til the caravan arrives at the location or is raided by other players. For this, the caravan will create a PvP field around itself. In the long run, those caravans are important for the development of cities and will be a set part of the game and a big opportunity for those who dare.

As Ashes of Creation is all about economy and development, crafting and gathering are getting a very important role in all of this. There are many tools in this world that influence and contribute to the professions available in the game. It is possible to be a Jack-of-all-trades or to specialise in one profession to become a true master. As there will be a big versatility in the crafting system, it will be possible to represent the strengths and weaknesses of its crafter in those items.

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  • Unique ideas
  • The world depends on player’s decisions
  • Dynamic world
  • Large, open world


  • Only limited information available right now
  • Ashes of Creation Startpoint

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