Big Bang Empire


Game information:

  • Status: Released (2014)
  • Genre: Browser-based MMORPG
  • Developer: Playata
  • Publisher: Playata
  • Platforms: PC, Android


Big Bang Empire is a browser-based MMORPG. At first, one might think of science and space when they hear the name big bang, but that is not the case with this game. Here, the player takes the role of a future porn star.

The player can create his own little porn star, with which he is doing some mission, PvP and different jobs. His primary goal is to climb the ladder to be the best porn star in the world.

The character’s appearance can vary greatly depending on what the player wants to have. It ranges from a street trash Sheikh with daddy issues to busty, blonde Barbie or Calvin Klein underwear model ripped to weird looking balding stud with hidden talents.

Starting in the suburbs, all missions are following one big arc to get the player from there into the big cities and even beyond. With different jobs and a lot of self-created movies, the players gather more and more fans on their way becoming a big star.


  • Nice illustrative graphics
  • Very funny


  • Repetitive after a while
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