Crush Crush


Game information:

  • Status: Released (2016)
  • Genre: 2D dating game
  • Developer: Sad Panda Studios
  • Publisher: Nutaku, Steam, Kongregate
  • Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux, Steam


Crush Crush is a time and resource management game created by Sad Panda Studios. In this game, the player hits on a total of 14 different girls that range from normal girls over KIs to even a female bear. They represent each one part of the otaku culture. It is likely to find at least one of them interesting.

The Crush comes from crushing on a girl (affection wise). Multiple CG scenes show how the two characters meet, where the relationship turns a corner, for the first kiss, and when the relationship becomes sexual. None of them is interactive, and there is no voice acting to accompany any of them.

The first three girls are rather easy to unlock while the other eleven girls take their respective time. Only through constant chats, gifts, and other attentions, it is possible to unlock them. Additional important factors are the base stats as well as the job level. So it needs time attend to the hobbies and jobs for the player to work his way into the hearts of the girls slowly.

Apart from all the naked women, there is a Prestige system which resets the game for additional benefits. Those benefits help to play the game more smoothly and gather enough money and experience to unlock additional girls.


  • Cool Prestige system
  • All 14 girls are different, something to suit everyone’s taste
  • Some CGs for the interesting parts of the game


  • CG scenes without interaction and voices
  • Targets mostly only male players
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