Game information:

  • Status: Released (2004)
  • Genre: MMORPG
  • Developer: Ankama
  • Publisher: Ankama
  • Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux


Dofus is an MMORPG created by Ankama. Like Disgaea or Final Fantasy Tactics, it features turn-based combat and a vast world that waits to be discovered.

The player awaits a constantly growing world in Dofus. Especially since the release of the Divine Dimension, the boundaries are unclear, and new areas are constantly discovered. The cities are filled with lots of commercial and criminal activities. On the contrary, the wildlife is magnificent with pure water, fresh air and fertile soil. But every idyllic place has his smaller or bigger, dark secrets. Shadows and traps lurk everywhere.

At the start of the game, players run trough a tutorial that teaches them the basics of the game. Depending on the class he chooses, he has to fulfil different roles. Whatever a player likes to be, Dofus spoils the player with a wide range of altogether 18 classes. Those classes are Feca, Osamodas, Enutrof, Sram, Xelor, Ecaflip, Eniripsa, Iop, Cra, Sadida, Sacrier, Pandawa, Rogue, Masqueraider, Foggernaut, Eliotrope, and Huppermage. Every class comes with its role depending on the preferences of the players. They can be full-time supporters, fearless ad brainless warriors smashing the enemies, or a cunning treasure hunter. Together with the class comes the way of playing. Every class is affiliated to one of the gods. This has an impact on their gameplay and their looks.

The fights in Dofus are rather complex. It is important to think of some tactics. Otherwise, it is highly possible to face a fast defeat depending on the enemies. As the fight is turn-based, it is always recommended to plan ahead to not run into a dire situation. The enemies can be quite fierce or really fast and cunning. The strongest and nastiest of them, so-called bosses, await players and try to take them down before they can get the idea of taking away their most loved treasures.

In Dofus, there is always something to do. Quests and jobs, as well as a lot of little secrets, await the player. From the inhabitants of the World of Twelve, players get missions to help them out with all kinds of things. Of course, it is not a charity show. Players get rewards like items, experience points and kamas. It all helps on the road to find the Dofus, also known as dragon eggs. They are scattered around the world, and everyone is especially on the search for the Primordial Dofus. They will ascend the hero to a god-like being.

For those that want the real challenge, there is even the Heroic Server. Here, the experience rate is maxed out, but it comes with a terrible price. Unlike on other servers, where the player gets revived countless times, the death on the Heroic Server is permanent. No one can rescue the player from this fate.


  • Up to 18 classes to choose from
  • Different gameplay depending on class
  • In-depth profession system
  • Low system requirements


  • Limited options for visuals
  • Severely limited F2P content and options
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