Dragon Awaken


Game information:

  • Status: Released (2017)
  • Genre: MMORPG
  • Developer: Game Hollywood
  • Publisher: Proficient City
  • Platforms: PC, Browser


Dragon Awaken is a fantasy browser-based MMORPG created by Game Hollywood. The story begins with a commander who led his forces into the dragon lair. During this campaign, something went terribly wrong. Instead of completely exterminating the dragon, the power of the dragon goes over to some of the warriors. Possessing this power, they become the legendary dragon knights.

In Dragon Awaken, the player is one of those dragon knights and departs on a journey to find out more about it and master this power. He ventures through the land and dungeons. On his way, he will be able to upgrade his hero the way it suits him the best.

As the combat in Dragon Awaken is turn-based, the player has time do determine the best course of actions. Each battle will be different and has its own feeling. The player has to come up with different strategies for his enemies. Every scene has four different layers of depths where the player has to take action. This gives the game and battles a bit more depth.

On the player’s journey, he can recruit dragons into his ranks. Each dragon is a ferocious beast on the battlefield that ignores the enemies’ defence and causes massive damage. The dragon has special stats which the player can raise to make him even stronger. When the time comes, he might find even stronger dragons. Some of them can even strengthen the whole team. Buffed up to the hero’s teeth, the player can take down foes that otherwise seems unbeatable.



  • Impressive art style and wonderful scenes
  • Fights consist of multiple layers
  • Collection of dragons


  • Performance problems
  • Too much automatic gameplay
  • Lack of hero customization
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