Game information:

  • Status: Early Access (2017)
  • Genre: MMORTS
  • Developer: Sparkypants Studios
  • Publisher: GameForge
  • Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS


Dropzone is a highly competitive sci-fi RTS created by Sparkypants Studios. In 15 min matches, Player compete with each other for cores and objectives, or they can face off against the aliens Kavash. Those cores are a new energy source found on one of Jupiter’s moons.

After humanity advanced further in technology and needs for new energy sources to keep this technology working. They sat out to explore further and further. On Jupiter’s moon, they finally found an effective source. Those are the cores. As life went on in the 33rd century, humanity becomes more and more dependent on this energy source. But they aren’t the only ones that want this source. The Kavash settled on the Jupiter and tried to take this source for themselves. They drove humanity to the brink of extinction.

To counter those aliens, little squads were formed from battle-hardened pilots. The player is the commander of one of those squads. A squad consists of three battle rigs which can take different roles. Those roles are the hulking Tank, the powerful Gunner, the resourceful Mechanic and the unpredictable Summoner. By mixing them up and finding a good balance, the player can successfully compete with other players and the aliens.

In different matches, the players can show off their skills. They can play against other players in 1vs1 and 2vs2 matches or try to survive as long as possible against the endless waves of the Kavash. There is also the possibility to do some PvE missions to collect some resources.


  • Skills of the individual are put on test
  • Short matches
  • Alternative ways of winning through objectives
  • Customizable rigs which can vary in their roles


  • No team to rely on
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