Game information:

  • Status: Release (2011)
  • Genre: MMORPG
  • Developer: KOG Games
  • Publisher: KOG Games
  • Platforms: PC


Elsword is a 2.5D side-scrolling MMORPG created by KOG Studios. The player jumps right into an anime style world. The game starts with a little bit of story but turns quickly into a hack&slash, items grinding kind of game.

The graphics and design of Elsword are nicely done. Especially fans of anime and manga will be drawn to this game graphics. Everything is drawn in an anime style and even emotes are put into the game this way. If the player gets hammered into the ground he becomes flat for a short moment before he returns to his original size. Also, the sound fits in nicely. The music depends on the area and nearly very action in a fight will be announced by the character.

The PvE section is very grindy. Players can go through all kinds of dungeons to get their items while completing their quests. Dungeons don’t require a full party, players can even enter solo and beat the dungeon. The only advantage of a party is to do the dungeon at a faster pace. On the other side, there are raid bosses that can be considered as true world bosses. Everyone get together to beat them up while the boss literally can one-shot every single player and that doesn’t take into consideration how much def a player has.

The PvP is rather a “how finds the cheapest and dirtiest tricks to get the other players”. It doesn’t need any skills of the players. With a stun, a good timing and a decent damage output, every player will see the floor sooner or later.

A unique feature of the game is the mount system. Unlike other games, where the player sits on a mount, rides through the landscape and feels happy about it, the players in Elsword not only sit on a mount but also fight on them. Or rather, the mount is fighting for the player.


  • Nice combo combat mechanics
  • Great music
  • Mounts that fight for the player


  • Pay-to-win features
  • Balance issues
  • Can be very grindy
  • Multiple characters needed to utilise all jobs
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  • Elsword Plot

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