Game information:

  • Status: Released (2009)
  • Genre: Strategy MMO
  • Developer: InnoGames
  • Publisher: InnoGames
  • Platforms: PC


Grepolis is a browser-based strategy MMO created by InnoGames. It takes place in the Ancient Greece. Players meet up with gods, follow the steps of glorious heroes of Greece and conquer the land for themselves. They depart on a unique adventure.

The adventure begins with a small polis, a little town in Greece. The task of the player is to grow it into a mighty metropolis and expand to other islands. For this, he has a variety of 13 buildings and eight monumental buildings. Growing and gathering resources, upgrading those buildings and putting together a great army are all tasks a player has to accomplish in Grepolis.

For fights, he can get support from various places. One is friends and allies with whom he can coordinate attacks against enemies. They can together forge a mighty alliance. Together with the alliance comes the idea of diplomacy. Band together with other alliances and smash a common enemy. Another source to draw power from is the gods. They give access to special skill and mystical creatures which the player can recruit into his army. Those can be Medusa, Hydra, Harpy or even a Griffin. There are five different gods with each having two mystical creatures to offer.

To win the world in Grepolis, the players have to form alliances and build the seven world wonders. The alliance who can complete four of seven world wonders will win. But only one alliance can complete a wonder. Everyone else can only level it to level nine. To open up the possibility to complete a wonder, an alliance has to destroy the one that is complete. There are two ways to do so. One is to attack the island where it is built. If the alliance loses it, the monument will be partly destroyed. With this, it loses its complete state. Another will be if the alliance disbands. With this, the monument will be completely destroyed.


  • Ability to play over browser and mobile
  • Active community
  • Land and sea combat, also including sky units
  • Ability to own more than one city


  • Cash shop unbalance game
  • Poor tutorial
  • Outdated chat UI
  • Rather poor graphic
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