Heavy Metal Machines


Game information:

  • Status: Pre-Release (2017)
  • Genre: Racing game, MOBA
  • Developer: Hoplon
  • Publisher: Hoplon
  • Platforms: PC, Steam


Heavy Metal Machines is a fast-paced racing game full of madness, mayhem and relentless destruction. The world has overcome the apocalypse but the only thing remaining are the Heavy Metal Machines. The player will be constantly tested if he has enough wits to overcome the enemies.

At the Start of each match, the player has to decide which role he wants to take and select accordingly the character. Those roles are the interceptor, who tries to kill off the enemies and especially the bomb carrier, the supporter, who helps the bomb carrier, and the transporter, who is the actual bomb carrier. Even though they have set roles, it is still possible to take on any of the other roles, the character is just not so well suited for it.

Players around the world join in into 4vs4 matches. With every kind of dirty trick and death-defying stunt, players try to overcome the enemies, grab the bomb and deliver it to the enemy base. The player has to upgrade his character and machine as far as possible to possibly survive this madness. Only by being as bold as possible, there is a chance to race another day.


  • Fast-paced games full of destruction
  • Simple controls
  • Various vehicles with some customizations
  • Rewards strategical combat


  • Sync and connection problems
  • Small player base
  • Only one map and game mode right now
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