Game information:

  • Status: Released (2011)
  • Genre: 3D chatroom
  • Developer: IMVU, Inc.
  • Publisher: IMVU, Inc.
  • Platforms: PC, Mac, Android, iOS


IMVU is a free 3D chatroom and virtual playground. Players can create their own, completely customised avatar and meet other people in one of an endless amount of 3D chatrooms. Unlike other games, IMVU is more like a social experiment. Here, people talk to each other, create a lot of content like rooms, clothes, or accessories and directly interact with one another.

Since its release, it has gathered a huge community around the world. Through this, the game makes it easy to meet people from everywhere around the world. The players can create content together, share it with each other and have a nice time. But there is also the possibility to look through a virtual goods catalogue, which already includes over four million user-created items.

The only downside is that players need to subscribe to use the content creation part. Without the subscription, they are limited and labelled as Guests. But apart from that, they are free to explore chat rooms and make friends through IMVU.

While playing, it is also possible to view videos or listen to music through the client.


  • Large, international player base
  • Strongly customizable rooms and characters
  • Creation of content by players


  • Subscription necessary for creating content and removing ads
  • No free movement
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