Game information:

  • Status: Release (2016)
  • Genre: MMORPG, Sandbox, Ecosystem simulator
  • Developer: Ankama Canada
  • Publisher: Ankama Games
  • Platforms: PC, Steam, Mac


KWAAN is a unique sandbox game as it revolves more around collaboration instead of competition between players. The world comes to an end and it is up to the players to prevent the flooding of the world.

Everything in the game revolves around the tree god KWAAN. Players have to entertain and keep him so that he won’t flood the world with his tears. Up to 15 players join together on one server to take on this task. Every day at midnight, the game checks if the tree god is happy. If he is, the game goes on. If he gets sad, he will drown the world with his tears. This will result in the reset of the server.

The game offers a fully functional ecosystem that the players have to take care of. It also includes pollution which the players have to get rid of. Apart from that, there are 30 different animals. They can be summoned into the world.

Every day, players have to conduct rituals and do a couple of tasks to keep KWAAN happy. Rituals are conducted using Mana. As all players together have only one shared mana pool it is a valuable resource. Those rituals include developing the tree gods branches, summon animals, create flowers and fight the pollution.

The longer the players keep KWAAN happy, the more mysteries and secrets are revealed. Those contain information about KWAAN and the origin of the tribe. If the players manage to keep him long enough happy, they might get to know where pixel souls are coming from.


  • Unique kind of gameplay with the main focus being on collaboration
  • Creating own pixel art in the game
  • Positive atmosphere
  • Active devs


  • Steep learning curve
  • No competition between players
  • Very small playerbase
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