Lost Saga


Lost Saga is an MMO Beat’em Up that provides intense PvP battles but also cooperative PvE dungeons. I.O. Entertainment created it in 2009. OGPlanet was the first to publish the game in North America, but since 2013 the publisher changed to Z8Games.

The game offers over 50 different mercenaries to choose from. Players can customise them to their liking. It is possible to change gender, facial features, hair dyes, hairstyles, and skin dyes. Each Merc comes along with different gears which the player can collect. Especially epic and legendary gears are interesting as they give the mercs additional abilities. The gear can be further strengthened as well as the skills of the merc.

Up to 16 heroes can join a match in Lost Saga. They can decide between a lot of different game modes. Those include Boss Raid, Crown Control, Crusade, Death Match, Fishing Mode, Ghost Tag, Ladder Mode, Power Stone, Prisoner Mode, Soccer Mode, and Relic Hunt. Players either join an open game or they create their own.

The fights are fast-paced and action-packed. In addition to your team mates, you have also different mercs at your disposal in every match. During a match, it is possible to switch the mercs to enable chains of skill sets and massive combos. The skills that can be used are dependent on the gear the merc wears. One of the unique features of Lost Saga is the possibility to steal the gear of the enemy for the duration of the match. Everyone can pick up the gear that was dropped. But it is important to think about if it is a good decision as the player will drop its own gear and loose their upgrades and benefits during the match.

Game information:

  • Status: Released (2009)
  • Genre: MMO Beat’em Up
  • Developer: I.O. Entertainment
  • Publisher: Z8Games (First publisher: OGPlanet)
  • Platforms: PC



  • Fast-paced, fluid and action-based combat
  • Many unique classes that can be exchanged during matches
  • Countless different game modes


  • Grindy PvE section
  • Some pay to win elements
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