Game information:

  • Status: Alpha (Open Beta: Summer 2017)
  • Genre: Augmented-reality MMO
  • Developer: Maguss Development Team
  • Publisher: Maguss Development Team
  • Platforms: Android, iOS


Maguss is an augmented-reality MMO that is currently in development by Maguss Development Team. It turns the real world into a fantastical land filled with magic and mysteries.

The world in Maguss is filled with monsters, dungeons und much more. Players have to walk around and search for ingredients to craft things like flasks or even new spells. The crafting is one of the important features of Maguss. Everything that a player can craft is tradable in the game. So it is possible to play together and support each other with attacking the same target or giving flasks to other players in dire straits.

It is important to study and learn new spells. They can be crafted and later activated through different means. One of them is the game’s Bluetooth-powered Wand that can be bought to the game. The other is the more classic one with doing it manually on the touch screen.

The player can explore their surrounding and even discover dungeons and monsters. Players can group together to defeat them or to capture them to utilise their combat abilities.

The game further provides a variety of professions like enchanting and potion brewing. Players can battle against each other in a local area or over the internet. They can even decide which Order they want to serve as they all have different ideologies and compete against each other to find out who is the best.

Here you can find out more about the game and sign up for it


  • Duelling against other players
  • Variety of game content
  • Unique AR experience
  • Optional Bluetooth wand for spell-casting


  • Only available in English at the start
  • Unavailable in some locations
  • Maguss Wand

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