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Naruto Online is a browser game created by CyberConnect2. It is based on the story of Naruto and is officially licensed by Bandai Namco Entertainment. The characters are directly taken out of the official Naruto franchise and put into this game.

At the start of the game, the player has to choose between five different characters which are based on the five elements: fire, water, earth, wind and lightning. Afterwards, the player starts his adventure in Konoha. He joins the team of Naruto and learns steps by step everything about ninjas and what he can do in the game. Over the time, players also get reminders on things they can do. The possibilities are all straight forward and don’t feel overwhelming.

The player can collect all his favourite characters and form a party with them. Battles are fought automatically, and players can only influence the team combination. A good match up is important as particular combinations lead to devastating combos. Those are important to win against others. The team size depends on the place where the player fights. In the Arena, the team consists of the player’s character and up to 3 additional ninjas, while the player can choose up to 12 ninjas in the daily Survival Trial.

If the player wants to play as another character, he has to recruit ninjas or collect their fragments. Every ninja serves as a basis for shapeshifting and player can maintain the form for 24 hours. For every shapeshift, the player has to pay a shapeshift card. Those characters can be every known character from the anime which also includes the Third and Fourth Hokage.

The visual part of Naruto Online is a little bit unsatisfying as it is barely better than all those unlicensed Naruto games. The resolution is pretty low, and the animations are kept to a minimum. The story itself comes straight from the first and second season of Naruto and sometimes feels like the player’s character is completely unnecessary. But it is the story of Naruto of course, and the player can relive the whole story surrounding the growth of Naruto.

Game information:

  •  Status: Released (Asia: 2013, US and Europe: 2016)
  • Genre: Browser-based MMORPG
  • Developer: More Fun Studio, Namco Bandai, CyberConnect2
  • Publisher: Oasis Games
  • Platforms: PC


  • Officially licensed Naruto game
  • Every character of the anime playable
  • Many possibilities in the game


  • Poor visuals and animations
  • Mostly game can be put on autopilot instead of actually playing
  • Up to no customizations apart from the team setup
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