Game information:

  • Status: Released (1999)
  • Genre: Browser-based RTS game
  • Developer: Gameforge
  • Publisher: Gameforge
  • Platforms: PC


OGame is browser-based RTS which has outer space as its setting. Players begin with one planet and over time get the possibility to acquire more.

Planets have a certain number of fields which limits the amount of building upgrades for every planet. Over time, the player can gain more planets to continue building on them or even moons, which are created at random from the debris of destroyed ships.

In OGame, there are five different resources. Those are metal, crystal, deuterium, energy, and dark matter. They can be obtained through mining, trading, and raiding other players. Players spent than those resources for construction, research, ships, or defence. For every 1,000 used resources, they gain one point in the rankings.

When it comes to combat, players can make a choice who they want to attack, which planet and with what fleet. But they can’t influence the actual combat. The battle takes place instantly and is resolved in 1 to 6 rounds. If the attacker wins, he gets resources from the target. But if the defender wins, 70% of his defence will be rebuilt, and a field of debris will be near his planet. This also comes with a chance of up to 20% to get a Moon for this planet.

Moons are a great strategic feature as a player can see the movements of enemies in a particular radius through the Sensor Phalanx, or they can build Jump Gates to send ships instantly from one location to another. This process is still quite expensive but can help greatly in dire situations.


  • Easy to learn
  • Exciting for casual as well as hardcore players
  • Strongly PvP-orientated


  • Some pay-to-win elements
  • Outdated
  • Slow paced
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