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Aion: Upheavel


Game information: Status: Released (2008) Genre: MMORPG Developer: NCSOFT Publisher: NCSOFT Platforms: PC   In Aion, players take the role of a Daeva, an immortal being. With wings and devastating powers, players try to save the remains of their world Atreia. They can choose between two factions, the Asmodians and the Elyos and up to six different classes (Warriors, Scouts, Mages, Priests, Muses, Technists and their following specialisation). The game revolves around the conflicts between those two factions as well as a third faction, which is an ancient evil that threatens both factions. Aion has a breathtaking and gorgeous environment and a unique fantasy world. There are a lot of challenging group- and solo dungeons, as well as PvP areas where players can claim fortresses…

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Game information: Status: Release (2017) Genre: Sandbox MMO Developer: Playful Corp Publisher: Playful Corp Platforms: PC   Creativerse is a sandbox, adventure MMO created by Playful Corporation. The game comes with a variety of different biomes, materials and creatures that the player can discover, harvest, mine and loot to create all kinds of structures. The game offers a massive world to explore. Many different biomes are waiting for the player, like the lush forests, frozen tundras and barren deserts. Each has their own materials for the player to offer that he has to search. In Creativerse, players have a wide range of items that they can craft. But unlike other games, the player has to unlock higher recipes. This can be done by finding specific items or by crafting the…

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