Pokémon GO


Game information:

  • Status: Release (2016)
  • Genre: Augmented-Reality MMO
  • Developer: Niantic
  • Publisher: Niantic, The Pokémon Company, Nintendo
  • Platforms: Android, iOS


Pokémon GO is the second augment reality game created by Niantic. Players all over the world can play it on their smartphones while exploring their surrounding.

Pokémon GO is all about being a trainer in real-life. The player walks around the streets, fields, mountains, or other terrains and tries to find all the Pokémons. The map of Pokémon go is based on the real world and originates from their previous game Ingress as well as from google maps personally. Everywhere on the map, Pokémon can show up which the player can engage and catch. Unlike the original games, the player doesn’t fight against them. He instead only throws Pokéballs at them in an attempt to catch them.

All over the place, there are PokéStops. The locations for them originates from Ingress where players could submit interesting places as portals. Nowadays, Niantic tries to sort them out and removes Stops where there is too many of them, while adds Stops where there isn’t enough of them. These PokéStops provide the player with items like eggs, Pokéballs and berries.

Next to PokéStops, there are also arenas. Players are divided into the three teams: Mystic (Blue), Valor (Yellow) and Instinct (Red). Each team tries to occupy the arenas and keep them as long as possible. Every day, players, that have a Pokémon in one or more arenas, are gifted some valuable coins which they can use in the in-game shop.

Niantic is constantly expanding the game with new features and provides the players with different events. One of the bigger updates added an additional 80 Pokémons to the game. This makes it now 251 Pokémons but not all of them can be caught for the time being.


  • Unique AR gameplay
  • Large playerbase
  • Wide variety of collectable Pokémon
  • Many events and upcoming features


  • Unstable servers
  • Pokémons and population dependent on region
  • Nearly no player-to-player interaction
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