Prime World


Game information:

  • Status: Release (2014)
  • Genre: MOBA
  • Developer: Nival
  • Publisher: Nival
  • Platforms: PC


Prime World is an MOBA that has elements of browser-based strategy games. Even though it is an odd combination, it gives the player many customization possibilities for his heroes.

The game offers up to seven different game modes. Those range from the aggressive Outpost and unconventional Dragonwald to the classical Borderlands and strategic Native Terrain. Every battlefield has its own way to be played. While the Borderlands resemble the normal conquest mode, there are still variations with the Apocalypse, where enemies turn into zombies, and the native land, where the players can raise flags to change the land into theirs and increase their damage output. Dragonwald is different as it has different objectives. Players have to level up while killing monsters to eventually kill the dragon in the heart of the map. After its death, a minion spawns that carries the egg to the enemy base. Players have to protect the minion so that he can deliver the egg and destroy the enemy base.

Apart from the MOBA part of the game, there is also the building part. Every player has his own base. There, the player can utilise different buildings to strengthen his rank and his heroes. The rank determines which heroes the player can possess. The strengthening of the characters helps in the individual maps to defend against the enemies and ultimately defeat them.

Heroes in Prime World can be customised according to the player’s preferences. The talents are completely replaceable and through levelling the hero, the player can distribute some stat points according to his way of playing.


  • Unique talent system with lots of customization
  • Vivid, colourful graphics
  • Unique mix of MOBA and city-builder
  • Various game modes
  • Minigames during the match available


  • Imbalance in in-game shop
  • Limited city-builder options
  • Too few talent options for some heroes
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