Runes of Magic


Game information:

  • Status: Released (2009)
  • Genre: MMORPG
  • Developer: Runewaker Entertainment
  • Publisher: Frogster-Gameforge Group
  • Platforms: PC


Runes of Magic is an MMORPG created by Runewaker Entertainment. It is set in the mystical world of Taborea. The player experiences a journey filled with lots of action and he will always have something to do.

At the beginning, the player can choose between three races and ten different classes. Those races are the already well-known humans, elves and dwarfs. The classes are Warrior, Mage and Rogue that can be learned by everyone as well as classes that are bound to a specific race, like the Knight that is bound to humans, Warden and Druid that are bound to Elves and Champions and Warlocks that are bound to Dwarfs. Apart from them, there is also the Scout as well as the Priest, which can be used by two races each. Afterwards, the player can customise his character with a good set of possibilities and give him a name.

During his journey, the player can combine classes through a multiple class system. The skills of his class can be modified and combined with skills of other classes. The player can choose from a wider range of class skills, as well as elite and set skills. Through a frequent increase of the level cap, there are also more and more skills added to choose from. The customization of the playstyle depends hereby from the preferences of the player.

In Runes of Magic, there is also a housing system. Players can build their own home or even a castle. Through growing their own plants, players have a constant income in resources. With those, they can use the crafting system and create their own items. The crafting and gathering system is very extensive and gives the player many possibilities on how to do it and where.

The games community is huge and it is always something happening. That can be the ever-changing events. But there are also guilds that can build customizable castles. The guild provides the players with many bonuses like resources, quests and minigames. Players can take part in siege wars against other guilds to show who is the better guild.

The game world is vast. Over 20 challenging instances are waiting for the player and there are even more impressive group and raid instances that vary in difficulty. They can be further changed into even harder challenges. The player can travel through portals in a fast manner from one place to another. Otherwise, he can use one of his mounts which are part of a big pet and mount system.


  • Good multi-class system
  • Vast amount of content
  • Many world and public events
  • Housing system which can provide resources for crafting
  • Solid PvP


  • Problems with the cash shop balance
  • Quests lack direction
  • Old graphics and interface
  • Very similar to World of Warcraft (graphic and gameplay)
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