Star Stable


Game information:

  • Status: Released (2011)
  • Genre: MMORPG
  • Developer: Star Stable Entertainment
  • Publisher: Star Stable Entertainment
  • Platforms: PC


Star Stable is an MMORPG created by World of Horsecraft AB. It is a game that targets players, especially female ones, who have a passion for horses. During the game, players can collect and breed as many horses as they want in their search for the right one.

In Star Stable, players can explore the world of Jorvik, compete in races, solve mysteries across the land and care for their horses in their own stable. A lot of tasks await the players, where they can earn coins and experience to unlock more items and more horses which they can breed. They can even play with friends together to care for their horses and compete in races together or against each other.

Although Star Stable can be played for free, the real access to the game is only possible through either a payment every month or quarter or a one-time purchase. The player will change to be a Star Rider once he paid and can then explore the whole world, gets access to special breeds and gets weekly some Star Coins which he can use in the ingame shop.

Despite its sometimes limited controls and simple graphics, the game provides enjoyment and a beautiful world for players who are even mildly interested in horses. As the game grows every week through new challenges, the time flies by, and players always have something to do. The story content alone takes up to 150 hours, and it can take a while to breed every single horse if one is determined to breed them all.

The developer of Star Stable claim that this game helps to evolve problem-solving skills as well as the management of their currencies. Additionally, it encourages the players to read and to engage with fiction.


  • Many different horses
  • Daily races and weekly new challenges
  • Huge 3D world to explore


  • Only female characters
  • Have to pay to get full access
  • No way to opt out of global options for younger players
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