Gigantic gets a new hero with the September update

Rudger, as well as new skins and creatures, await you in Gigantic

It this time of the month again. The next update for Gigantic is on its way and Motiga and Perfect World revealed the patch notes for it. This time, you get a new hero to play around with. The hero Rutger joins the rooster.

We are happy to introduce the Warden of Stone and protector of the rocky plains and mountains: Rutger! The armored tank is the newest melee Hero to join the cast, and employs restorative shielding to mitigate incoming damage and survive the longer engagements on the battlefield. He also brings an arsenal of powerful spikes and walls to the fight, allowing him to push, stun, and zone out his enemies to take full control of the Power Race.

You can see him in action in the video below.

Together with the new hero, you will also be able to get new skins and creatures in Gigantic in the following weeks.

September 19:

  • Stone Cerberus – He is a tank amongst the creatures. Heavily-armored and equipped with several knock-back attacks, the Stone Cerberus is a powerful defender of your territory, and is not to be trifled with!
  • New skins for Wu – You will be able to acquire three new skins from is practice time under Master Wei in the temple.

September 26:

  • Riftborn Cyclops – Imbued with the magic of the Rift, he is able to place translucent walls that its allies can shoot through but foes cannot. Watch out though, because that’s not its only trick; this cyclops will also use its sorcery to immobilize and then smash enemy Heroes!
  • New skins for Oncle Sven – He discovered the “Flower Power” for himself. You will be able to get three different skins revolving around this theme.

October 3:

  • New skins for Charnok – Before his time as a mage, he was a disciple of the flame. YOu will be able to get three skins from the time of the flame trials of the Drakkor.

Furthermore, Motige announced that they broke through the two million mark of registered players for Gigantic. They are all the players across Steam, Arc, Xbox One as well as Windows 10. They also included Russian texts finally.

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