Gigantic gets release date and new update for open beta

One more month until the release of Gigantic


Currently, players can enjoy this Hero shooter in an open beta. Perfect World and Motiga are testing the game thoughtfully to ensure a smooth start of the game in one month. They announced that the game will be available starting July 20th. You can buy it for Xbox One as well as for PC.

Next to their announcement today, they also released a big update for the game. For the last month, GIgantivc gets a new interface, a Voicechat and a new tutorial together with some great Bot-Matches. To celebrate this last month, players can get a Login and Play reward. This varies depending on the platform you use. For Arc players, there will be the Lightning skin for Tripp, while Windows and Xbox users will be able to get the Excelsior skin for Tyto the Swift. To get those skins, just log in and play a game before the release.

There is also a little discount for the Founder’s Pack right now. You only have to pay $30 instead of $40 to get access to all heroes plus the two heroes that aren’t revealed yet. There are also some additional “unique rewards” included in this Founder’s Pack.

Enjoy the last month, before we all start into the real game in July 20th.

Here you have the Arc open beta trailer:

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