Gigantic introduced a new hero

Newest update brings along some long awaited changes to Gigantic

Yesterday, Motiga happily announced their next addition to the roster of gigantic. With Oru, a mischief-maker and new mid-range caster finds his way into the game. He comes along with a full set of new tools to pester your enemies and help your allies.

Btu that is not all, with the new update comes also tons of new features, improvements and fixes. Most of them are based on the feedback, Motiga received from the players. One major change revolves around the creatures which a player can summon. In the June update, they already changed it but it didn’t feel right the way it is. It was a nice and easy approach for new players, but it got in the way of more advanced players and hindered somehow the game flow. That’s why they decided to do some changes again.

They also want to introduce some long await features like the push-to-talk settings to make it more accessible. There are also some custom lobbies now if you want to battle against specific players.


Oru, also known as ‘The Fortune Teller,’ is a mid-range damage dealer who shines in teamfights. His kit revolves around his ability to combo between his skills – dealing high damage while also providing utility to the team in the form of crowd control or the ability to peel away from a fight.

  • JUDGMENT (LMB/RT): Throw a ‘Judgment’ card at the target enemy. On hit, inflict JUDGMENT and burning.
  • THE BEAST (RMB/LT): Toss a spread of 3 ‘The Beast’ cards. On hit, inflicts THE BEAST and slows.
  • THE JOKER (Q/LB): Place 3 cards as a row of traps at your feet. On trigger, the cards damage and push away enemies. This can only hit unique targets once.
  • COSMIC POWER (E/RB): Damages target area and reveals cards held by enemies. If they have a JUDGMENT, the skill deals damage. If they have THE BEAST, the skill dazes.
  • DEATH DEALER (F/LS+RS): Rapidly toss ‘Death’ cards. Once completed, reveal all cards dealt. Deals 400 damage and +200/400/800 if the target is below 50% health.

Custom Lobbies

Introducing the beta version of custom lobbies! This feature allows teams to arrange 5v5 matches without requiring them to enter the general matchmaking pool. As a beta feature, the goal was to implement the system in a way that would allow us to quickly introduce it into the game while continuing to work on the feature behind the scenes. As such, it’s worth a brief explanation of how you’ll setup your own custom lobbies!

In order to play in a custom match, players must first form two full crews of 5 players. One of these crews will act as the “host” for the match, while the other crew will join the host’s match. The hosting team’s crew leader will then setup the match:

  1. Navigate to the ‘Play’ tab and select the ‘(beta) Custom’ option.
  2. In the Custom lobby, select a map and generate a code for your match.
  3. Once you hit ‘Submit’, you’ll be ready to share your custom code with the crew leader of the team which you’ll be playing against.

The joining crew leader then enters the custom lobby screen, where they will join the match:

  1. Navigate to the ‘Play’ tab and select the ‘(beta) Custom’ option.
  2. Select the “Join” tab. There you can enter the code for the match given by the host.

Once this is complete, both teams will enter a match – going straight to the Hero Confirm screen!

Sounds complicated? Yes and no. We think that once players get the hang of it, they’ll be able to create custom matches within a matter of seconds.

Note: Custom matches do not affect player progression such as badges, prestige, fortune cards, etc. and do not award currency. They also do not affect your skill rating or inflict penalties.

Summoned creatures


The decisions you make as to when you summon or upgrade a creature and what type of creature you summon at any given time is critical to the high-level strategy of Gigantic. With the recent update to make creature summons and upgrades instant, we found that the system introduced some awkwardness to high-level play. This is why we’re reintroducing a mechanic we call creature gestation.

When placing a creature on a Power circle, the creature will now remain in a defenceless, “summoning” state before it fully appears into the world. During this time, it is unable to fight or collect power and is extremely vulnerable to enemy attacks.

We believe this change will improve the game in a few important ways:

  • It gives players a chance to recognize when the enemy team is summoning before it is complete.
  • It lets you know which creature is being summoned before it fully spawns.
  • It offers counter-play when a team decides to upgrade their creature: teams can punish each other for an ill-timed summon.
  • It significantly reduces the benefit of upgrading a creature in the middle of a fight.
  • It requires players to think much more carefully before deciding when to upgrade their creature, and which creature to upgrade.

For those familiar with how gestation worked previously, it should be noted that gestation is no longer affected by hero proximity as it was in the past. We wanted players to feel like they should protect their summons, but not necessarily feel like they are doing nothing while waiting for their creature to spawn – particularly if there is no immediate threat.

  • Reduced the channelling time to summon a creature from 6 to seconds.
  • Young creatures now gestate for 3 seconds before spawning. This time is not affected by ally or enemy proximity.
  • Adult creatures now gestate for 20 seconds before spawning. This time is not affected by ally or enemy proximity.
  • Obelisks have a 1 second gestation time for both babies and adults.


  • The Yeti Cyclops now creates a single frost field at the wall’s location.
  • The Young Yeti Cyclops no longer creates frost fields.
  • Fixed a bug where Heroes could get stuck in a Cyclops wall if standing where the newly-created wall spawns.



  • Updated the sound effects of the Sanctum Falls Clash.
  • Updated the sound and voice events related to creature gestation times.
  • Added a subtle audio tell when Voden and Imani have charged their shots to full power.
  • Added a pop sound when you receive a text chat message.


  • Added the ability to lock or unlock minimap rotation. When turned on, the Dynamic Minimap setting will automatically rotate the minimap so your team is always on the bottom side of the minimap. When disabled, the minimap will not rotate, and will instead default the Aurion team to the bottom side of the map!

For the complete update, please visit the patch note-site of Gigantic. They did some tweaks regarding the existing heroes and some other minor changes.

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