Grinding in Secret World Legends might lead to an account ban

An unknown exploit could be the reason for all those bans in Secret World Legends

In many MMOs, it is an inseparable part of the game to grind for experience points, equipment and mats. But if you do it in Secret World Legends, you might get a ban for this. Many think already that an unknown exploit is the reason for those bans.

The most suspicious point about it is that especially groups are affected by that. The Redditor Eleraan wrote earlier about it. He went on a grinding tour with others. His goal was to catch up a bit and get some experience and equipment for his character. After a while, the grinding got boring and he decided to take a break. He logged off and went out for a while. When he returned and logged in, he realised that Funcom banned his account. According to him, he didn’t do anything prohibited.

After Elerann explained his problem, more users started to talk about it. More and more players showed up that experienced the same problem. And everyone was convinced that they didn’t do anything wrong. Noticeable is that especially groups are affected by that. Many discuss now that there are bonuses that apply in the wrong way. So it could be that the experience is calculated in the wrong way or it is a lot easier to find new items. Maybe some calculations multiply the size of a group to it or something like that.

If you are currently playing the game and want to keep your account, you should consider not to grind around for the time being. If we know more about it, we will inform you here. Until then enjoy the rest of this great game.

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