Hajime Tabata talks about the plans of Square Enix at PAX West

The next generation is where Square Enix wants to go

Final Fantasy 15 is still fresh and going on great, but Square Enix thinks already about their next projects. But instead of the current generation (PS4, Xbox One), Hajime Tabata revealed they want to focus on the next generation (PS5, Xbox Two). At the PAX West in Seattle, he talked about it a bit. He thinks that the Windows version of Final Fantasy 15 is a good step, but it only shows the current point of hardware. They want to go beyond that point as far as possible with the next project. Currently, they reach only half of their intern goals with the Windows version.

What project we can expect, isn’t known so far. Tabata didn’t tell a single word about it. Maybe we will see Final Fantasy 16 or a completely different project. They also want to continue their journey into the VR section that they recently started with Monster of the Depth.

Apart from the games, Tabata also said that their interest in other medias is growing. The example of Final Fantasy 15 will continue and they want to do more of it. So, expect to see more movies, animated series and/or comics later.

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