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Lineage 2: Venture into a world brimming with a vast amount of adventures

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Lineage 2 is a fantasy MMORPG by NCSoft that started in 2003 with a subscription model. In 2011, it experienced a complete revamp, changing parts of the existing game, adding new content to the game and making it completely free-2-play. This revamp is known as the Goddess of Destruction Update and led Lineage 2 into a new era. The players will experience classic MMORPG game content focusing around PVE and PVP with a character that can be greatly customised.

Players have a vast selection of races and classes to choose from, ranging from classics such as Orcs, Elf, Dark Elf, Dwarves and Humans to the more setting specific Kamael and Ertheia. The player’s choice of race will primarily determine their ultimate class. A Dwarf, for example, can only be a Fighter. As players gain experience and level up, their class will evolve and in some cases branch off into different subclasses.

The backbone of the game concentrates on a quest driven PVE system. They can journey on dangerous adventures as they explore a number of exciting and deadly areas. They can group together to tackle dungeons and Raids where they can take on the greater challenges Lineage 2 has to offer. Many enemies await them with a final AI Boss opponents that give them the greatest rewards.

Endgame primarily focuses on PVP for many people and is accessible in a number of ways. Those can be for example the more traditional arena style battles. For guilds are the larger siege battles more attractive that involve multiple guilds battling over castles and fortresses that they can then control. However, Open World PvP is the most common and allows for PVP combat wherever a player find a worthy opponent.

Lineage 2 uses the Reputation system to flag players into the three different statuses: Neutral (White), Aggressive (Purple) and Chaotic (Red). When committing a negative action towards a Neutral, such as attacking them, a player is flagged to everyone else as being Aggressive. Everyone can attack them without a penalty, but they will also be flagged as Aggressive. Killing Neutrals gives players PK (Player Killer) points and turns them into a Chaotic character until their PK points disappear. Chaotic players can’t enter most cities that have guards and no merchant will trade with them. If they have more than 5 PK points, they will even loose gear if they die. When respawn, they will also have a severe stat debuff.

Game information:

  • Status: Released (2003, revamped 2011)
  • Genre: MMORPG
  • Developer: NCSoft
  • Publisher: NCSoft
  • Platforms: PC

  • Over 30 different classes
  • Characters are strongly customizable
  • 1 primary class and up to 3 subclasses per Character
  • Pets can wear equipment and be commanded by players

  • Grind based gameplay
  • Heavy botting according to the community
  • Limited appearance customizations for characters


What path will you choose? Are you ready for all those great adventures?

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