Lona: Realm of Colors is now on Kickstarter

With Lona: Realm of Colors, a beautiful, yet sad story is waiting for you

Lona: Realm of Colors is a new wonderful project on Kickstarter. This artistic adventure is about Lona, a girl who tries to deal with her difficulties by painting them. The more she paints, the more her drawings transform real life troubles into abstract art forms. In the meantime, she is more and more consumed by her paintings and loses touch with real world. This results in her being trapped in her art.

Sometimes, it is all about the small projects that turn out to be the best and most touching ones. Lona: Realm of Colors is one of them. The Swedish company SpaceFox is working on this project and uses Kickstarter to fund their very first project.

The game is a point and click adventure in nature focusing on art and narration instead of fetch puzzles and dialogue. The levels are an abstraction of Lona’s story. It is up to you to bring peace and balance to her painting and find out what has happened to her.

Each level has two sides: a chaotic side represented by Ms Schmidt the cat and a dark side represented by Mr Ruppel the crow. You can switch between the two worlds at will and try to bring balance to these extreme interpretations of a single situation. Every item can be used in both worlds, and everything you do might affect them both. There will be 15 unique scenes from Lona’s memory and paintings with each having two sides.

For now, SpaceFox planned to release the game on PC. When they reach the stretch goal on Kickstarter, it will be available on smartphones too.

Here, you can find the Kickstarter campaign of the game.

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