Mario forsake his job as a plumber

Even a famous figure like Mario changes his job sometimes

For a long time, Mario accompanied already many players through his long gaming journey. The funny plumber with a love for flowers and mushrooms had a lot to do with rescuing Princess Peach over and over again. But now it seems like, even he likes to change his life a bit.

On his profile page on the official Nintendo site, he announced that he likes to do all the cool things like baseball, tennis, racing, soccer and so on. And the most shocking thing is, our beloved plumber Mario isn’t a plumber anymore.

Super Mario Profil

But even though we only know him as a plumber and rescuer of Princess Peach, it wasn’t always his path. In the early years, when his name was “Jumpman”, he was, in fact, a carpenter. It was in his first appearance in 1981 in the arcade game Donkey Kong. The reason was simple, Donkey Kong took place on a construction site.

The job as plumber got Mario later, when he was active in the underground with his brother Luigi. Due to the areas being connected through a lot of pipes, it was only natural to give this job to Mario and his brother.

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