Neverwinter: A vast world is waiting for you to explore it

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Neverwinter is an action MMORPG created by Cryptic Studios. It is based on the Dungeons and Dragons universe like its predecessors. The player takes on the role of a mighty hero to save the world of Neverwinter.

Games like Neverwinter are well-known for their possibility to choose from a big pool of races. In Neverwinter, there are 13 different races with each having their bonuses and handicaps. Afterwards, Players can choose between eight different classes like the Control Wizard, the Scourge Warlock or the Oathbound Paladin. Each class comes with a unique playstyle as well as unique mechanics. As the combat is rather action oriented, players must aim their skills for them to hit and connect.

For the more creative players, Cryptic Studios has a surprise in the form of the Foundry. This is a tool that makes it possible for players to create their own content. This could be a dungeon or a unique storyline, or even whole cities and castles. Other players can play them afterwards and give them a rating. With this, the best ones will be highlighted, and other players will know what they should try out.

A rather hard critic point for the community is the partly overpriced in-game shop. Players can spend a whole lot of money to buy stuff in the game, but it is also possible to get it for free through a different currency in-game. But it is very hard to farm this one.

Game information:

  • Status: Released (2013)
  • Genre: MMORPG
  • Developer: Cryptic Studios
  • Publisher: Perfect World Entertainment
  • Platforms: PC, Steam, PS4, Xbox One

  • Creating own content with the Foundry
  • Lots of content with Dungeons filled with traps, monster and treasures, unique zone events, and dungeon and public missions
  • Fluid, action-based combat

  • Many bugs and exploits
  • Too many cash shop purchases putting a damper on the free gameplay


Do you want to enjoy various adventures and even create your very own adventures?

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